An AI generated image with a real woman's face, a room full of girls wearing blazers and Micky Mouse ear hats.

The multiverse is real

Jul 8, 2024 | AI Collaborations, Photoshop

I could have been anything that I wanted to be

There’s a lot of fun stuff you can do with a face and AI. Earlier I talked about when I cut my face in two and got photoshop to generatively fill a wide gap between the sections, creating for me the twin sister I never had, and at Christmas I shared my secret life with many Santas. The Santa thing came out of an experiment I made quite early on in my AI adventures, making for myself a visual record of my places in the multiverse. The first set of images were hilarious, and a little bit extra weird because I cut my face out inside the edges, so I got all kinds of strange jaw lines and chins. The video below is a later version, and you might notice that sometimes I suggested what my alternate life might have been. Sadly, I think it would be a very long time before Firefly presented me as a lion friend (interesting fact, it doesn’t know exactly what a lion tamer would look like), typically choosing a more generic ‘woman receiving award’, ‘woman shaking hands’, ‘woman drinking a beer while shaking hands’ over anything so exotic as ‘woman as police officer’ – I don’t know if I just have a ‘receiving award’ kind of face or if the AI has some ways to go with what it thinks women do, and I doubt I will ever find out.

Of course, in a real multiverse situation, all these options are incredibly boring. In a real multiverse situation I could have been a monkey. Or a badger. Or been friends with a badger boy, driving around in a golf cart. Maybe I’d have disguised myself as a squirrel to join their army and plot to take over the world. Maybe. You don’t know. But if you’re interested in what any of these lives might look like, there are some suggestions below.