Undead Grandma


A while ago I spent a bit of time looking after my undead grandmother, before she became just dead grandma, while she existed in the strange limbo state occasioned by vascular dementia. There, but not quite there, here, but not really knowing where here is. Conversations with her were of course heart breaking, but also, at times, tremendously funny.

I was invited by friends working on a project about invisible illnesses to include a reflection on my experience in a magazine and exhibition. For the exhibition I made a pair of animated videos which tried to relate a sense of falling in and out of time and coherence. For the publication I made these four comic strips based on genuine conversations my grandmother and I had.

I had planned to make more, but after she died it didn’t seem right, and it would not have been long before I would have to make the conversations up, which wouldn’t do at all.

The four comic strips of Undead Grandma