Institute of Leadership and Management reports, four covers

The Institute of Leadership & Management

Design for print and online: reports and infographics, learning resources, video, and marketing graphics

A professional membership organisation, carrying out research into the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and values of great leadership since 1947, the Institute of Leadership & Management, now simply The Institute of Leadership since August 2023, use their expertise to raise standards and help others to develop and grow. By developing learning programmes and resources, undertaking research and producing reports on leadership attitudes and thinking, starting conversations with weekly webinars, regular podcasts, and conferences and events, the Institute provides quality content to its 40,000 members.

I have been involved with many of the Institute’s projects since their split from the City and Guilds ILM in 2016, producing dozens of research reports and infographics, extensive learning resources, recording and editing event videos, producing social media graphics and motion graphics, and editing webinar recordings.

Report Design

The Institute produces numerous reports, white papers and survey results every year. I have been involved with the design and production of most of these resources since 2016. Each has it’s own set of challenges, depending on the theme of the information and the type and quantity of numerial data to be visualised. We keep to brand colours and typography and draw upon an approved style of photography to help convey the story being told, while trying to maintain interest with new ways of visualising the data being presented.

Some inside spreads from the Institute of Leadership and Management report Leaders at Play, which has a sport theme
A short report with a lot of info graphic information
A short report with a lot of info graphic information

Learning Resources

The Institute has a strong focus on member learning and development, and I have been involved extensively with the production of their supporting resources. This includes the design and production of their Leadership Essentials, each of which correspond to their 49 Components of Leadership; three ‘Spotlight’ resources for each component; a worksheet for each Spotlight; and an edited an webinar recording for each component which included producing clear and consistent presentation graphics, around 20 slides per video.

InstituteLM learning resources, four cover designs
InstituteLM learning resources, two worksheets


The Institute has used video as a means of sharing information and promoting it’s activities on many occasions. I have been involved in recording, editing and post-producing videos of events of all kinds, interviews and social gatherings, as well as creating motion graphics to illustrate audio recordings and editing webinar recordings for future viewing.