Whose CO2? Video still: Title scene: 'Whose CO2? CO2 emissions and population wealth'.

Sustainable Development Goals

Motion design for social media

A motion design project creating five second videos for each of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, for use on social media. This personal project grew from a project in typographic study, part of the postgraduate course Design for Visual Communication at the London College of Communication.

These minimal illustrations draw on the power of typography to tell a story visually, with only minor additional detail and thoughtful motion design to support the message. Although the content is serious, I have chosen a quietly playful tone, with the intention of lending this potentially dry content a likeable, sharable, relatable feel. Colour, texture and pattern unit the individual videos as an identifiable series, as well as the repeated identical title footer.

Each five second video has been composed for viewing in any of the three social media formats: square, landscape and portrait. Click on the images below to see them all.