Piano Chords Poster


A little while ago I started to learn how to play piano. As I tend to do, I got carried away with wanting to know everything all at once, and focused really heavily on learning all the chords. I had an UGLY scrap of A4 with all everything I needed to refer to, but it involved a lot of searching and squinting at the tiny diagrams, which I did not like. Also, I felt like the separation of the chords into distinct and isolated blocks wasn’t really in the spirit of musical flow. So I made this poster, which, once you get your head around what the different lines and symbols mean, makes it clear which fingers go where for whatever chord you require. It’s probably not a first lesson kind of poster, but not everything has to be geared towards beginners. I really like how it reminds me of diagrams for dance steps. That pleases me a lot.

An illustration of piano keys, with diagrams showing finger positions for chords