Kate Cooper

Logo, brand, and website design

I met Kate while working with the Institute of Leadership & Management, where she led the learning resources and report projects, so we developed a good working relationship. When Kate decided to move on from the Institute and set up her own coaching and consultancy firm she came to me to help with her branding and website design.

She wanted something simple and clean, professional and approachable, somewhat timeless with a one-to-one, supportive vibe.

I gave her a logo which emphasised the ‘co’ of her cooperative ethos and hinted towards an infinite loop, movement and guided progress. The geometric pattern was included at an early stage as an example graphic, but Kate was so taken by the allusion to networks and connectivity from one point to many that she had no interest in any other design. This was immediately perfect for her needs.

Keeping the colour palette to black and white and the bright citrus green reinforces the direct approach she takes to her coaching and consulting work, with a fresh take on the nurturing and growth.

A mock-up of the Kate Cooper Ltd website homepage, with a photograph of Kate, introductory text, three sub page links with text, a call to action and a testimonial