A pile of pin badges with two designs, one says 'panto pro' and the other 'fully erect!'

JED Productions

Logo design, flyer design, video production, illustration

JED Productions is a London based theatre company who like to create big laughs. They love bringing joy into the room, and welcome everyone with a sense of humour to their community of fun. Panto is their big thing, and for a number of years we have been lucky to be a part of the troupe.

I have worked together with Jez (the JED) on branding and marketing, producing their logo, promotional flyers, recording performances and producing trailers and teasers for upcoming shows. We’ve even been back stage, manning the light and AV decks through performances, and getting involved assisting the director in rehearsals. All in all, I had an incredible time and very much hope there will be Panto again soon! Oh yes I do!