Three brightly coloured portrait illustrations based on the paintings of Beatriz Milhazes. The words 'Art Rebels', 'Family workshops inspired by Beatriz Milhazes' and 'Saturdays and Sundays over the summer holidays, 1-4pm'

Art Rebels

Motion design for social media

After visiting the Beatriz Milhazes exhibition at Turner Contemporary I was so inspired I spent three days making flowers, dot rings, targets and waves in AfterEffects, just to see how I could make these paintings move. Then, to give that time a use, I made up a project to promote the family art workshops the gallery hosts over the summer break. It was genuinely a lot of fun. I’ve made other people’s artwork move in the past and I think it might be my favourite thing to do in motion graphics, bridging my interests in fine art and motion graphic design, learning by closely studying the work of great artists and riffing my own take on the work.