The Association of Charity Independent Examiners logo, shown on a photograph of three men in business suits at a table


Logo and brand design

The Association of Charity Independent Examiners, ACIE, is a membership organisation, providing support and information to its members, charities and other interested parties. Independent examination is a form of external scrutiny suitable for smaller charities, the role of the examiner being to provide an independent scrutiny of the financial accounts and, in this way, help maintain public trust and confidence in charities.

Founded in 1999, the ACIE are the only professional body whose sole focus is independent examination, providing a regular programme of seminars and conferences aimed at ensuring that Independent Examiners are up to date and conversant with Best Practice.

When the ACIE came to the studio they were in the process of expansion, increasing their member base and extending the range of training activities on offer. With these future plans in mind it was important the brand redesign reflected confidence and assertion with professionalism and efficiency. We wanted to provide a brand which was bright, clean, modern and distinct, and also speaking to those who work in the charity sector.

ACIE logo design

This logo is simple and bold, confident and precise. The box is integral to the design, demarcating an area of authority with clear boundaries, while retaining space inside to grow. The typography is a modern slab serif using two weights, neither of which are heavy enough to dominate the design but hint towards solid dependability.

The name and initials fill approximately half of the box space, balanced across the diagonal, adding a dynamic tension to the otherwise horizontal composition. This forms a visual analogy for the role members play in the organizations with which they work: their contribution is essential while accounts are only half of the story.

Flexibility in use was also a concern, and is always top of our list when creating brand assets, and so a number of sizes and colour options were provided for use on any materials that may be required.

Three variations of ACIE logo for use on different backgrounds
ACIE logo for use at small scale, four variations, and brand colours blue, grey, yellow and green

For the typography we chose Roboto Slab and Ek Mukta, which are both Google fonts, and as such freely available for use on Google Drive as well as being downloadable for desktop use and widely available for use online.

The slab header font is striking and forthright, bold and confident, stable and exciting. Matching this with a sans serif, balancing weight and scale these two make a pleasing combination which draws attention and is easy to read.

Typography choices, Roboto Slab and Ek Mukta
An example of the brand typography in use