Some illustrated letter forms

36 Days of Type 2023

Illustration and animation

36 Days of Type is an online project “that explores the creative boundaries of letterforms” as, once a year for 36 days, designers and artists of all kinds create and share their unique take on each letter and number in the Latin alphabet. “The result is a global and simultaneous act that showcases the ability to represent the same symbols from thousands of different perspectives”. There’s some really cool designs out there. There’s a website about it, but you want to go on instagram to see the work.

I’ve been wanting an excuse to spend some time messing about with Adobe’s Fresco app and play with cell animation, to make some short, looping gifs, so that’s what I did. For 36 days. It doesn’t sound like a lot until you are 10 days in and really want to do something else for a little while. But I persevered, and here it is, my collection of 36 letters and numbers in short looping animated form. Yes, I know, some of these are a stretch from legibility. I don’t care.

The letter A, drawn lowercase, a mouth opening and closing saying 'hay...'
The letter B, drawn as a strange orange face, and at the top and a mouth at the bottom blowing kisses, 'mwah'
The letter C, a mouth with teeth opening and closing saying 'rawr'
The letter D, drawn lowercase, a happy mouth and a wagging tail
The letter E, drawn lowercase, a simple face in profile, mouth open wide with tongue wagging, saying 'ahhhh'
The letter F, drawn lower case, a kind of tadpole creature, picking its nose
The letter G, drawn lower case, an eye opening and closing at the top, a mouth alternating at the bottom, revealing the word 'yum'
The letter H, drawn like a green bunny faced creature, ears bobbing up and down
The letter I, drawn lower case, the dot bouncing up and down squashing the rectangle below
The letter J, drawn as a yellow duck floating on waves with a tiny bouncing hat
The letter K, drawing as a weird blue raving creature, kicking and dancing from side to side
The letter L, drawn as a piece of string looping and folding in a spiral
The letter M, drawn as a shifty looking face in blue
The letter N, drawn lower case, flipping top to toes like a marching pickle
The letter O, drawn as two lips opening wide to sing 'laaa'
The letter P, drawn as a happy faced flower opening up to face the sun
The letter Q, drawn as a potato with a mobile moustache
The letter R, drawn as an angry squid creature wanting to fight you
The letter S, drawn as a two headed bird creature forever giving itself a little kiss
The letter T, drawn as a mushroom growing large and flying off into space
The letter U, drawn scratching an itch
The letter V, drawn as a Venus fly trap catching its prey
The letter W, drawn as dancing flames
The letter, drawn as pirate cross bones swinging back and forth from the middle
The letter Y, drawn as a sleepy blue cat waking and stretching and going back to sleep
The letter Z, drawn as a crazy coloured snake, flashing in disco lights
The number 0, drawn as a beardy man's face evaporating and reforming forever
The number 1, drawn as a cute green worm poking up from a hole in the ground
The number 2, drawn as an angry looking purple face grinding teeth
The number 3, drawn as an undulating slide with three balls running down and off screen
The number 4, drawn as a swan swimming at speed, legs rotating like a person swimming a front crawl
The number 5, drawn as the profile of an angry looking green dog. Between it's teeth appear the words 'Hey you' and 'I love you'
The number 6, drawn as an eternally rotating tidal wave
The number 7, drawn as a maniacally grinning face
The number 8, drawn as two alternately bugling circles containing eyes at their peak
The number 9, drawn as a toothless, green old man, winking

Click on a picuture to see the marvellous looping action. I wouldn’t go wasting all your data on it though…