An AI generated image with LOVE YOU three times.


Nov 22, 2023 | AI Collaborations, Graphics, Photoshop

Type. I love type.

In my on-going adventure into AI generated graphics and art I took a little day trip out of Photoshop to have a play with Firefly Text Effects online tool. It’s alright, a bit limited (you can only use a handful of fonts and colours), but the images it chucks out are still impressive. While I was there I made the words LOVE YOU in a pink zebra skin effect, and saved the images to muck about with back at good old Photoshop.

I wanted to experiment with how the AI generative fill would handle graphic text, no prompt, just look at what’s there and expand. It did not disappoint. Although there were quite a few fairly similar results, each retained a degree of uniqueness, an individual charm. And when the results veered off centre something really lovely almost always popped out. I love the sudden break into new colours, new textures, new languages evoked by stylistic interpretation. 

Initially I made a four-way expansion, outwards, for a landscape result, and a two-way up and down for the portrait version. Later I experimented with splitting the word LOVE in two horizontally and asked firefly to fill in the gap (above right). That was pretty cool too, although surprisingly a lot less variety emerged, I guess because it had an endpoint as well as a start it limited the need to make stuff up. So I started giving it a few written prompts so see if anything interesting might come out. I tried ‘join’, ‘connect’, ‘together’, ‘bridge’, all with mixed results. By far the most consistently interesting was ‘unite’. I also tried ‘love’, and then ‘heart’ because love was giving a lot of hearts, and then ‘real heart’, ‘human heart’, ‘real human heart’. It didn’t really get what I wanted and the images were basically all variations on the same thing. Which I worry says bad things about us as people, that our input for the idea of love and hearts is so uniformly bland Firefly can do nothing but replicate our tropes. After that I tried the word ‘face’, but that was so much fun I’m saving it for another post. 

So, here are some of my favourites from the love you / split journey. Enjoy.