Three AI generated images in greens, greys and blues, grid based.

Expanding a grid

Nov 15, 2023 | AI Collaborations, Graphics, Photoshop

When I say grid, you say?

In this week’s installment of ‘What I did with Adobe’s Firefly’ I’m giving you something a bit more graphic design-y. Now, as anyone who knows anything knows, graphic designers love a good grid. I certainly do. So I asked Firefly to make me a grid. Which it did. It was alright, kind of a graph paper affair, but pleasingly irregular. Here, this is what it made for me:

Then I asked it to generatively fill expanding down, quite a long way, to make this tiny landscape strip of grid into a portrait image fit for an upended wide-screen-screen. To be fair, it did give me quite a few ‘just more grid’ pictures. But it also gave me some really lovely, totally surprising stuff. Here’s a few of my favourites in rapid succession.

I honestly couldn’t tell you if I am happier with the spontaneous text, painted, printed, scrunched up into tissue, or the out of nowhere landscape painting and collage. Both are utterly captivating responses to the question ‘what comes after the grid?’ Life comes after the grid, signs of life as well as representations. 

It was around this time I was doing some fun things with actual text, so I wasn’t surprised by the invented language (I assume, I don’t know all the languages of course, but I’m pretty sure no one could tell me what these things say) but I am constantly surprised by how pleasing these images are, popping out of nothing, both imperfect and yet totally complete.