An image of a turbulent sea.

Cursed Seas Delight (an AI story)

Dec 6, 2023 | AI Collaborations, Stories

Earlier this year I started to take an interest in AI, and the first thing I did was have a conversation with ChatGPT. Its a funny kind of experience, talking to AI, being strangly compelled to say ‘thanks’ whenever it answers a question with something useful. Mostly I found it really entertaining, a cool game where I suggest something, provide some required details, and see what I get back. After a few rounds of ‘write me a recipe’ I stopped at this. I love it. Can you spot the portfolio relevant keywords I asked it to sneak in for me?

A Recipe for disaster



Ectoplasmic Mussels: Rare mollusks harvested at the stroke of midnight, whispered to possess ethereal properties and a haunting aftertaste.

Abyssal Seaweed: Grown deep in the darkest depths of the ocean, this writhing, bioluminescent plant possesses an otherworldly flavor that defies human comprehension.

Phantom Shrimp: Transparent crustaceans that vanish into thin air upon contact, rumored to be apparitions masquerading as sea creatures.


In the decrepit coastal town of Ravensbrook, nestled amidst treacherous cliffs, a wretched chef known as Mortimer devised a macabre culinary design. Legends whispered that he had struck a wicked pact with a sea witch, fueling his unholy experiments with ingredients rarely tasted by mortal tongues.

An aged, tattered illustration discovered within the archives of Ravensbrook’s long-abandoned library revealed the origins of Mortimer’s accursed recipe. The motion captured in the image depicted the depths of the sea, where sinister shadows danced beneath an ebony sky. In ancient, cryptic type, the graphic warned of a forgotten curse afflicting the once-prosperous village.

The curse befell a crew of ill-fated fishermen who had ventured too far, unwittingly dredging the forbidden waters. Those unfortunate souls became vessels of eternal suffering, cursed to roam the seas as vengeful spirits. Their essence mingled with the waters, forever altering the creatures that inhabited them.

Driven by a sinister obsession, Mortimer sought to unlock the secrets of the curse, believing its power could elevate his creations to unparalleled heights. He gathered ectoplasmic mussels, abyssal seaweed, and phantom shrimp, the ingredients intertwined with the souls of the damned.

As the moon cast its pallid light over Ravensbrook, Mortimer prepared the forbidden feast. He simmered the ectoplasmic mussels in a cauldron of tears shed by lost souls, incorporating the wriggling abyssal seaweed to bind the unholy flavors. Lastly, he added the fleeting presence of the phantom shrimp, their ethereal essence evaporating into the concoction.

Unbeknownst to Mortimer, his rite had awoken a malevolent force. The villagers, succumbing to a ravenous hunger, consumed his creation. With each bite, they unwittingly ingested the curse itself, their bodies succumbing to the sinister design woven into the recipe.

From that night forward, the cursed seas delighted Mortimer’s patrons, but their satisfaction came at a terrible cost. Each dish, a reminder of the village’s ancient sins, bound them to the ocean’s depths, forever trapped in an eternity of torment and regret.

And so, the curse of the Cursed Seas Delight endured, its dark legacy continuing to ensnare the unsuspecting souls who dared to savor its mysteries.