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Pretty Cool Design Studio

Motion Graphics  |  Visual Communication  |  Graphic Design

17 Goals of Sustainable Development

Motion design for social media

A series of five second motion graphics videos highlighting the United Nations 17 Goals for Sustainable Development.

Three brightly coloured portrait illustrations based on the paintings of Beatriz Milhazes. The words 'Art Rebels', 'Family workshops inspired by Beatriz Milhazes' and 'Saturdays and Sundays over the summer holidays, 1-4pm'

Art Rebels

Motion design for social media

A short motion graphic for use on social media, inviting families to join a special summer art workshop event.

Whose CO2?

Motion design infographic

A short video questioning the relationship between the quantity of CO2 a country produces and the quality of life for the people in that country. 

A woman holding a mobile phone, the Leadership at the Edge podcast is on the screen

Leadership at the Edge

Podcast identity and promotional design

Graphic design for the Leadership at the Edge podcast, with social media templates and print advertising design.

Institute of Leadership and Management reports, four covers

The Institute of Leadership & Management

Multiple design projects for print and online, including reports and infographics, learning resources, video and motion graphics, and marketing graphics


Publication design

Graphic design for the magazine Sick! Living with Invisible Illness, made as part of the Sick! arts project, including an exhibition, workshops, and a short film, exploring what it means to live with an invisible illness.